Podcasting & Re-inventing myself.

My second dabble

In September last year I did have a go at making a Podcast, what I did was to strip the audio out of YouTube videos I made then upload that as podcasts. I was not happy with this and after a while I just abandoned it.

A new beginning

This didn’t put me off instead it made me thing about what direction I wanted to go in with a podcast. I wanted to explore podcasts as a medium as the growth in this area in recent years has been phenomenal, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do it as there are some many different genres.

A long time

I took several months to mull this over and decided there was only one direction I could really go in and that was to be me, so many others are someone else, IE they narrate a someone else’s work, they pretend to be a different character, I have no issues with that, but for me the only podcasts that have kept me listening is people who are themselves with an interesting life story, well I feel I have an interesting life story and that’s what I am going to talk about.

Only the important bits

Not my whole life, which would be boring but where I am now, where I am going and how I got here. I have satirically called it “I’m going to be a YouTube Megastar” which is sort of where I want to go, well not a Megastar at least. Back to understand we must go back to 2 years ago.
I have a blood cancer which means I am very immunocompromised and when the Covid pandemic hit us in March 2020 I was left with no choice but to stop working and start “Shielding”.

At first, I though this was only going to last 4 weeks but as the weeks passed by, I realised this was long term and would be several years before it would be considered “safe” for me, so I made the decision to cash in a pension and retire early on medical grounds.

I got really bored

Because of my disabilities I am restricted to using a wheelchair if I must walk any more than about 15m so things like gardening and DIY are a struggle for me and not something I can readily throw myself into to keep me occupied in my retirement. I looked around for something I could do that would keep me occupied and possibly bring me in some money.


I have also had still and video cameras I enjoyed making home movies for my family as they grew up and it’s always fascinated me as a hobby so I decided to see if I could actually earn some money from it by making videos for YouTube and that’s where my journey began.

I quickly realised that just shooting videos of things wasn’t enough I lacked all the post-production skills needed to turn an amateur video shoot into a finished polished product. I realised I needed to learn video editing software, motion graphics software and audio editing software. I also needed to learn post-production techniques as well. Then I would need to learn SEO and marketing techniques as well. After investigating all of this I realised this wasn’t going to happen over night and 2 years would be a realistic prospect.


So that’s what my Podcast is about, my journey along the way but it also jumps backwards and forwards in time because I am going to attempt to capitalise on a little bit of fame, I had in 1990

You can find the episodes here https://spoti.fi/34DMFsr

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