Podcast Episode 3

I’m going to be a YouTube megastar

Just editing Episode three of my podcast, “I’m going to be a YouTube Megastar” hopefully it will be ready later today for release.

You can find it here when it’s released

editing is a nightmare

The editing is what takes up the time, it takes around 7-10 days to edit each episode.

I was hoping to be able to release an episode each week but that’s going to happen because of the time it takes to edit them.

My cancer and my bronchiectasis combined have resulted in my voice having a lot of “defects” which need to be edited out as well as lots of little noises I am unaware I am making, little splutters and chirrups noises I make as well as when I breathe in which makes a gasping, rattly noise.

My stutter is back

I used to stutter as a child, but I thought I had “cured” myself of that however making these podcasts has shown me it’s back again, not as bad as it was when I was a child but still bad enough that I must edit out the repeated words.

I was completely unaware that I stuttered and I think it night have something to do with my hearing loss getting worse.

I’m not really going to be a “YouTube Megastar” 

No, I’m not, that’s just me poking fun at myself, this podcast is about the journey to try and make a living on YouTube. The first few episodes cover events in my past


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