“Plinking” to shoot at a target casually.
March 2020 forced a decision on me I wasn’t expecting or wanted. Because of my health conditions I am classed as CEV (clinically Extremely Vunerable) I was instructed by both my Doctors and the government to shield.

So I decided that at 60 as I was then I might as well just retire now because it was going to be a least 18 months before I could resume work again and even then it may not be safe for me.

Just after the shielding started my health starting going downhill and I went back on chemo anyway to cut a long story short I didn’t start to get fully well until march 2021 but by this time I realised I was just going to get very bored being indoors all the time and not working so I thought about a hobby.

When I was younger I used to love shooting so I decided that would be a great thing for me to take up again and not only would it keep me busy it would also get me out of the house more. Luckily I have a nice large garden so I had enough room for the standard 10m and 20m ranges.

In the U.K. we have the worlds strictest gun laws and even the air weapons we are allowed to own are strictly regulated to a maximum out put of 16 Joules (12ft/lbs) but that’s fine because I only shoot targets. Loads hunt and use their guns for vermin control, Pigeons, Rabbits and Rats but that’s not me, I would not wish to cause any animal suffering ( except wasps, I fucking hate wasps and they all deserve to die) I don’t think I am or will ever be a good enough shot to kill an animal outright with a single shot and that’s why I won’t shoot any animal. I have no issues at all with other people doing it, I am in no way anti hunting I just don’t have the confidence to kill 1st time.

So there we go, this is my new passion and I will blog about it more in other posts.


    • It’s not a “new” passion as such, I grew up with air guns and pistols my ex-wife made me sell them all. Now however she has gone I have gone back to plinking.

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