Piececool USS Missouri Build PT 1

All metal model kit

This is the blog post that goes with the video of the U.S.S. Missouri all metal kit.


These are the tools I talk about and use in the video

Headband magnifier

Supplied interchangeable lens up to 5x magnification

Close up headband magnifier

This is the magnifier/ loupe I use for really close up work, it will magnify from 10x to 25x with the supplied interchangeable lenses


These are the nippers or side cutters that I use, excellent for getting into really small places to trim from a sprue

Needle files

These are the needle files I use for de-burring


5 piece pliers set


This is my other pair of nippers.

Cordless rotary tool

You don’t know you need one of these until you have one of these.


Piececool tool kit

Very handy for getting in places that pliers can’t and also for forming circular shapes

Pick and mirror

Desk magnifier

This is what I mostly use for small parts it has a light an 5x magnification

The beginning

Way back in March 2020 we suddenly went into lock down because of covid, well my health is such I have both a blood cancer (follicular lymphoma) and a chronic lung condition, bronchiectasis, either one of these meant it would be dangerous and probably terminal for me to catch covid.

This forced me to take early medical retirement and then for the next 21 months to be a virtual prisoner in my home hardly seeing my family and hardly going out except for hospital trips. That said I did go on an overnight jolly up north to see some friends and we did spend 4 days on the Isle of wight, both times it was during a lull in the pandemic but with hindsight still a stupid thing to do but I got away with both times and I don’t think the numbers are on my side to get away with again.

Bored, bored, bored

Retirement seemed like a lot of fun… for about a month then I started to get really bored, I even work in the garden or do DIY my health is that bad so I seemed to spend all my time watching netflix or amazon prime or playing games on the computer and putting on weight, lots of weight lol. In September 2021 I was yet again admitted to hospital and when I came out i swore I would change my life, get a bit fitter lose the extra weight I had put on and get a hobby that would really keep my mind busy.


No, not that kind, trust me I would not look good in a bikini, but scale modelling. At first I threw myself into getting fitter and losing the weight, then In December I had a knock back and was very nearly hospitalised again, too much, too soon I guess.

I was on amazon browsing for a Christmas present for my partner, she likes jigsaw puzzles so I typed in “Puzzles for adults” and among the search results up came all metal model “Hmm” I thought “I can do this” and so I purchased the kit.

I thought I would also make a video as I go along, but I have never made a proper video before so I had to give myself a crash course in video making and editing.


I have made a few, more than a few mistakes in fact both in the building of the model and the filming/editing of the video. It’s been an education and a learning process and hopefully as I go along things will get better.

One thing I have learned with all metal models is that if you fold something the wrong way trying to correct this by bending the correct way just breaks it at the joint.

I then further learned that superglue doesn’t fix everything, in fact it actually sticks all the things you don’t to stick to everything else you don’t want to stick. I made the mistake 10x worse and made the parts that I had done look really bad.

I also learned that people who make these youtube videos have 2 or 3 identical kits at hand because if they made a mistake they can go to a back model and continue it from the point of the mistake like the mistake never happened, I can’t do that, I have 1 kit and 1 kit alone. I also lost some of the original footage because like an idiot I forgot to save it and when I came to edit the video I realised I would have to record some of it again which makes the video look a bit disjointed.

Nearly gave up with the video

Because of all the mistakes I made I nearly gave up on this video, it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as others I have seen, in fact they all looked a bit too perfect so you know what? I thought “Fuck it” I’ll do the best I can and put it up and live with it. perhaps showing the mistakes is a good not a bad thing? who knows, I guess I’ll find out.

Time frames.

It took me 4 days working 2 hours a day to get the model to where I did at the end of this part one video and a further 11 days to edit the video, like I said I have had to teach myself Adobe premier, After Effects and Audition from the ground with no previous experience of video making and it’s been hard work especially with After Effects.

But like I say I have learned loads about making videos and hope to carry that forward into making part 2 better, I have also learned loads about making metal models and even acquired a few more tools and bits which I will be using in part 2

Anyway I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed making it and of course I will welcome all your comments be they good or bad.

Please subscribe to my channel anyway and I’ll see you in part 2

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