People are the problem

My first BX exacerbation in almost a year.

Way, way back in March 2020, March 19th to be precise I entered my own “lockdown” by “shielding” I did this right up until May 24th 2021, for just about 14 months I kept away from people, my own family as well.
The only times I ventured out was for hospital or doctors appointments or to take my partner to work ( I didn’t have any contact with others, I stayed in my car the whole time) and this 14 months felt like being under house arrest and I did not enjoy it all.

In Feb 2021 I had my first AZ covid jab and my second in April 2021 and then in the U.K. lock down restrictions started to ease.
Given that I hadn’t had an exacerbation from an infection for almost a year we decided to take a short 4 day break in a hotel on the Isle-of-Wight, we still kept to the rules, practised social distancing, wore our masks around people and checked in everywhere we went with the NHS covid app. (I might add neither of us had had any covid alerts so we didn’t meet anyone in these venues that was infectious) had a great 4 days, did some stuff, mixed with people caught a bit of sun and then came home.

The 3 days ago I got an infection and this led straight to an exacerbation

People really are the problem.

The only thing that’s changed in the last year is mixing among people again, ergo people are the problem.
I’ve enjoyed being exacerbation free for a year so I guess once I get over this I’ll go back to shielding again.

At least it’s summer, 22-28c daily, loads of sunshine and I have a garden I can go and sit in and watch the world go by from safety… Oh wait a minute
Sadly I am on a course of doxycycline for the next 11 days. Biggest warning on the packet?Doxycycline may cause your skin to be more sensitive to sunlight than it is normally. Exposure to sunlight, even for short periods of time, may cause skin rash, itching, redness or other discoloration of the skin, or a severe sunburn. When you begin taking this medicine: Stay out of direct sunlight, especially between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., if possible.Wear protective clothing, including a hat. Also, wear sunglasses.Apply a sunblock product that has a sun protection factor (SPF) number of at least 15. Some patients may require a product with a higher SPF number, especially if they have a fair complexion. If you have any questions about this, check with your doctor.Apply a sunblock lipstick that has an SPF of at least 15 to protect your lips.
Do not use a sun lamp or tanning bed or booth.

Double trouble

I also have Follicular Lymphoma which is a cancer of the lymphatic system specifically white blood cells called lymphocytes which are also a crucial part of my immune system.
This means I am immunocompromised with a much weaker and unable to fight off infections immune system and I am classed as CEV (Clinically Extremely Vunerable) which is how I came too get bronchiectasis in the first place, I caught flu and flu did this to me and it also means I will get more infections than most, more exacerbations and o more luing damage with a decreasing ability to fight the infections off.

That’ll teach me to go mixing with people… meh!

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