People are fuckwits

#lockdownUKnow #COVIDー19

As I sit here writing this I am absolutely stunned by the images in the media I am seeing today. Snowdonia National p[arks service is reporting it’s busiest day in living memory, beaches up and down the country are reporting greater than expected numbers of people, Supermarkets had people standing right next to each other queuing to get in, then en-masse clearing the shelves and queuing at the checkouts.

Dead men walking

Within 21 days a fair few of those people that have ignored the advice to “social distance” will either be dead or be directly responsible for the death of their loved one(s)

Why 21 days? because that’s the time it will take for you to catch, incubate, present and die from this virus. Or maybe you won’t die, maybe you’ll just infect that relative of yours that has a smokers cough, or is overweight, or has diabetes.

People are cunts.

Steve Woodmore

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