People are arseholes

That’s what this pandemic has said to me people are selfish self centred arseholes.

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First we had panic buying where people rushed out to make sure they had at least 18 months supply of toilet paper, then pasta and then anything else they thought they should stock up on for a year. I read that in March an extra £1.2bn was spent in supermarkets, there must be house out there that are jam packed from floor to ceiling in every room with toilet paper, hand sanitizer and pasta.

Now, now we have panic testing FFS

Yesterday the UK government released test kits for the “key workers” to test themselves IF they are showing symptoms, the website for registering closed just after an hour as all the kits for that allocation had gone.

Today exactly the same thing happened again, within the hour all the kits had gone.

This is panic again, just like the loo rolls, these kits won’t tell you if you are immune, they won’t tell you if you have had it, they will tell you if you have got it.
The only people who should be using these kits are key workers or people who share a house with a key worker who are symptomatic.

If neither the worker or anyone else in the house has symptoms then this test is totally pointless.

Now here is the danger, these kits won’t tell you if you have had it, so if have had this test and it comes back negative, it just means you didn’t have it at the time of testing.

So people with a negative result will assume they are safe and ignore all social distancing restrictions, this panic testing could be the kick start to a second wave because people can’t understand a simple concept, this is only for people who are symptomatic

Steve Woodmore

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