Of glue guns and glue sticks

Ryobi one+ cordless glue gun.

This is one of the more useful Ryobi tools that I own and I have had to use it lot just lately.
I have used it for routing ethernet cable round the the house by gluing the cables to the top of the skirting board instead of stapling them, not only does this look better it also means I can’t damage the cable by accidentally piercing it and because I can really get into tight corners the cable routes really look better than with staples.

Yesterday I had to glue a chair that was broken which went well except that all my glue sticks are clear and the chair is brown, what I didn’t realise then is that you can get coloured glue sticks.
The clear glue is slightly noticeable on the chair so I have purchased some brown ones and will finish the job when they arrive.

I also found multi coloured glitter ones while I was searching, handy to know about and might come in handy a Christmas time.
My glue gun takes 11.5 mm gluesticks and most of the coloured ones I have found are 7mm, there are coloured 11mm ones but they are thinner on the ground however I did find some.

7mm ones wouldn’t really be any good for the majority of DIY jobs that I do but they might interest the other half because she is into crafts.

I did find this little rechargeable glue gun for 7mm gluesticks so I think I am going to get one, might be handy

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