Of Chinese Food

I love Chinese Food

When I am given the choice of which takeaway I prefer? I will always plump for Chinese. It really is my favourite food. Indian, a close second, but given the choice my preference is always for Chinese.

Just recently we tried a different Chinese fast food, or a home delivery service different to our usual one. And we both noticed a distinct difference, the food tasted much nicer from the new one.

Not all the dishes, we chose lemon chicken, beef with mushrooms and special fried rice.

We both agreed the lemon chicken and the beef with mushrooms were nicer than the food we get from our usual one and this set us off on a discussion which ended up with me suggesting my partner has a go at Chinese cooking.

She did it today

Well today was that day and she cooked me homemade lemon chicken with special fried rice, and I must be honest and say it was the nicest Chinese style food I have ever had.

Several things stuck out first of all it wasn’t massively salty like normal home delivery food is and secondly it wasn’t full of additives and preservatives because everything was fresh the vegetables the prawns the mushrooms everything in the rice even the peas and the egg tasted so much nicer you could actually distinguish the individual tastes and lastly the rice wasn’t over cooked like it is with home delivery food.

It was very moreish, and I thoroughly enjoyed it so much so that I had three helpings of rice. I really cannot recall having such a nice Chinese style food such as this one.

I do hope I get more of this in the future.

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