Not feeling too good lately

It’s like a “stitch”

For the last 10 days I really haven’t been feeling too good, I have a pain in my left side just below my ribs, I think this is my spleen and this is sort of backed up by Dr Google who tells me sometimes spleen issues also cause a pain on the tip of your shoulder. Well I have had the occasional pain there and the main pain feels like what I can only describe as a stitch, the sort you get when you run.

It starts off mild then reaches a crescendo

The pain seems to follow a pattern, it starts of really mild but over 4-5 days gradually increases until it reaches what I can describe as a crescendo. The last 5 times this had happened when it reaches that crescendo it sends me into a shock, possibly a septic shock, I really don’t know, all I know is that the pain becomes unbearable, I break into a cold clammy sweat, my blood pressure plummets, I feel dizzy and usually throw up and I feel absolutely awful. The last time this happened was last weekend and I remember being in the toilet throwing up and the next thing I remember was waking up on my bed some 4 hours later.

Passed out

All I can assume is that I had passed out but had somehow managed to find my way to bed. Once I woke up the pain had decreased to the mildly annoying stage.
Since then it’s been going in cycles of getting worse one day then the next quietening down the getting worse.

For a couple of days I hadn’t really noticed it except when I laid down on either side then it would hurt however for the last week it’s been constant and I am taking Zomorph twice daily to keep it at bay with Oramorph on stand-by for breakthrough pain.


As I understand some of the mechanics of lymphoma the what happens is that the cancerous B-lymphocites gather in the spleen causing it to inflame or enlarge. I already know from from an ultrasound I had back in September that my spleen is enlarged, in fact I can actually feel the swelling on my left hand side.


I am also running a low grade fever with a temp increase from my usual 36.5c to 37.1c this is telling me I have some sort of infection that I am fighting. This causes me to sweat profusely after any sort of exertion and means that when I sleep my night sweats last as long as each sleep session does.

At first I thought it might be a bronchiectasis exacerbation so I started taking my doxycycline rescue pack, that was 5 days ago and I haven’t developed a cough nor has my sputum changed colour so Unless it’s a really low grade lung infection this is another sign pointing at my spleen.

The rash from hell

5 weeks ago I also started to get an annoying rash on the outside of my elbows that wouldn’t go away so the Dr prescribed me some steroid cream, that didn’t really work and my elbows got worse as well as the rash spreading to my buttocks. I went back to the Dr and got some even stronger steroid cream, this also doesn’t appear to be working, in fact nothing I have tried has eased the rash nor stopped the itching which is waking me up at night meaning between that and the sweats my sleep patter for the last week or so has been terrible.
I also started the steroids from my rescue pack 3 days ago and so far they haven’t worked either

None of these have worked

Calamine lotion

Eurax Cream

E45 Anti itch cream





Mometasone Furoate

Anti histamines


My immune system

According to Dr Google it’s all related, it’s all part of my immune system and that’s what’s going wrong, again pointing back to there being a problem with my Spleen


Things were so bad this last weekend gone that several times I contemplated going to the local hospital casualty department as I felt so bad, the only thing that stopped mt was the fact we are in the middle of a Covid pandemic and hospitals are full of sick people so I didn’t want to risk potentially exposing myself to the new Omicron variant. ( I have recently had an anti body test and even after 3 vaccinations, 2 with AstraZenaca and 1 with Pfizer I still don’t have any antibodies) BUT I have managed to get myself an “emergency” appointment with the haematology team and will be seeing one of them this coming Friday. Hopefully they work out what’s wrong and even more importantly start to put it right because this last 2 weeks has really not been good at all, there really aren’t any words to describe just how shit I am feeling.

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