Not enough hours


At the start of this lockdown One of things I said I would do was to get around to sorting this blog out and get some shit posted. I told myself I would post something every day.
I haven’t been able to do that because this isn’t facebook, on facebook people are used to reading and/or posting small 2-3 statuses and that’s it, they don’t want to read or post “wordy” shite

For me blogs are bit different they are for the “wordy” shite, the waffle and verbal, ior in this case, keyboard diarrhea. Take yesterday I didn’t actually post anything, but that’s not because I haven’t got anything to say, in fact I have 4 separate posts I am working on.

I do my best thinking when I am not actually thinking about what want to think about, look that makes perfect sense in my head but no so much when written but I know exactly what I mean. When I am not thinking about the particular blog post I need to be thinking about something will suddenly pop into my head totally unrelated to what I was thinking about at the time. You know exactly what I mean so don’t pretend you don’t.

So that’s what I like about this I can come and add a paragraph to a post here and there as the wordy shite pops into my head and then save the draft and move on to something else, something you really can’t do with facey

So there you have it, some days there may not be anything posted but it doesn’t mean there isn’t something being worked on.

Right now I have drafts on posts about



beer home brewing

That I am currently working on, all to be posted soon enough.

Steve Woodmore

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