#WhenCoronaVirusIsOver #thegreatreboot

The UK’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harries

Dr Harries is asked whether lockdown measures will be in place for longer than three weeks.

She says: “The PM said he would review in three weeks. It would be foolish of us to start something one day and assume it’s going to have an impact the next.

“Those measures have been in place solidly for a week or two. We need a couple of weeks to see that through.”

Dr Harries says that it could be six months or longer before the country gets back to normal from the pandemic, with reviews of lockdown measures every three weeks.

The thing is, there isn’t a “normal” the “normal” that was has gone forever, this is the great reboot and coming out of this will be a new benchmark for “normal” which will not be defined for many months, the way of life that was “normal” for us has now gone forever.

Steve Woodmore

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