Night cramps and Magnesium

During my very first chemotherapy back in 2017 about halfway through I started to suffer “night cramps”

It was my calf muscles that mainly suffered although sometimes the front of my legs suffered as well, more my left leg than my right but without fail every single night. This resulting in me mostly waking up in the wee small hours shouting in agony then doing the silly “cramp dance” round the bedroom shouting “fuck, fuck, fuckitty fuck, fuck” yeah, you know the dance.

Because this happened during chemo the medics said it was a side affect of one of the medicines and when the chemo stopped so would the cramps, they weren’t fun but I suffered them, that said it wasn’t so much the cramp that was painful, well it was painful enough but it was the “after pain” that came after the cramp has eased which felt like your legs were very bruised and that could go on all day. Whilst in itself this “afterpain” wasn’t as painful as the cramp but because it went on for most of the day it became very draining.

Once the chemo was over I expected the cramps to stop, they didn’t, they carried on. I went back to the Dr’s about them and after checking my bloods and examining me they couldn’t find any real reason for them so they suggested i try quinine tablets.

The quinine seems to do the trick for quite a while over a year in fact but then gradually the cramps returned, once in a while at first then over a period of about 9 months increasing until once again they were happening every night. I then started to consult Dr Google about my cramps and in the course of doing this discovered that many countries had stopped subscribing quinine altogether because of some dangerous side effects it could produce, well it seemed it had stopped working for me so I decided given the potential danger I would cease using it and I did.

Since then I have put up with the cramps nightly and TBH it had become very draining, sometimes I would get a night or 2 off from them and that was a pleasure but mostly they happened every night. I mentioned this a few times on Facebook and a few of my friends said that I should take a magnesium supplement as this would stop them.

I have both cancer and bronchiectasis these are both incurable and chronic diseases which are kept under control by lots of daily powerful medication and I wasn’t about to start taking yet another tablet in case it caused issues so heeding my friend’s advice I went to my GP and asked about taking magnesium. The GP arranged a blood test and the results came back in a few days that my magnesium levels were fine and I didn’t need to take any extra so she advised that as taking more than my body needs can lead to some side effects I shouldn’t take any.

She also pointed me towards lots of studies and trials that showed that magnesium had little affect on night cramps expect for a small percentage of pregnant women.

So I gave up with that idea however some of my friends were quite insistent that it helped them even though the trials and medical evidence said otherwise, well after nearly 4 years of almost nightly leg cramps I finally thought “fuck it”
bit the bullet and got myself some magnesium tablets.

I got these from Amazon

They arrived 9 days ago and I decided to try them by taking one a day at bedtime to see if it helps.

For 9 days now I have not had a single night cramp, not one and it’s been a blessed relief.
This could just be a coincidence, it could even be psychological but I am not going to stop taking the magnesium just to test it.

All the studies and medical; evidence say this shouldn’t be happening, yet it is, so maybe just maybe in this case Facebook knows more than the Dr’s?

2 months on

It’s now 2 months later and I still haven’t had a single night cramp, I just cannot believe all the years I suffered the cramps and these tablets were the solution.

No more being woken up in the middle on the night and doing the silly cramp dance around the bedroom shouting obscenities.

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