New Rifle – Pellet testing

Air Arms S200 .177 calibre

My other rifles are all .22, this is the first .177 I have ever owned.
The weather really hasn’t been good since this arrived and I have only had a couple of days where I can get in the garden and play with it.

This isn’t a review of the gun, that will come later this is just what I have been up to today and is just one of quite a few things a new gun owner has to do.

Favourite pellet

Every gun has a favourite pellet and that’s what I attempted to do today to see which pellet this gun favours the most, once I have established that then that will be the “go to” pellet I will buy for this gun.

Because my other rifles are .22 I don’t have a “stock” of .177 pellets, I do have a .177 Webley MK VI revolver but that’s more a replica than a target shooter so I only keep one tin for that and because I have no stock i had to buy a small selection.
The ones I had were Excite Econ II

I purchased a tin (500 pellets) each of
Marksman #1
JSB Match Diablo Exact
Excite Hammer
RWS Hobby Sportline

When the rifle arrived I did 3 things

1: Cleaned the barrel

The factory normally puts some kind of anti rusting oil in it the barrel, this needs to be cleaned out. (More on cleaning in another post)

2: Fitted the optics

In the case of this rifle an “In your sights” 6-24x50AO riflescope

3: Bore sighted the scope

This means putting a laser emitter in the barrel along it’s axis and pointing it at something 20m away then dialling in the windage and elevation cross hairs on the scope until they are on the red dot. This gets the rfile to pretty much zeroed in with only some minor adjustments to be made when shooting, mainly the elevation when shooting different distances.

Now we start shooting

10 pellets from each tin at the 20m distance target, because the rifle has been bore sighted to that distance it shouldn’t need any adjustments (maybe for .22 as the trajectory is more a lob but .177 is fairly flat)

These are the results

Excite Econ II

JSB Exact Diablo

Marksman #1

RWS Hobby

Excite Hammer

I have to be honest and say I am really not happy with any of them, it might be the gun, it might be me.
That said when I first got the Phox my shooting was all over the place until I had cleaned and lubed it a few times so it could well be that this is what In need to do with this one.

I do have different pellets en route but thus far it’s looking like the Excite Hammer’s give the best grouping.

It’s now raining yet again so no playing guns today, I will let you know how I get on with my testing in another post.


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