New install

After spending 3 days on this little project I discovered that my hosting package only allowed 1 database on “add on” domains, which this was.

This discovery was made only when I tried to install a URL shortening service.

So… I changed the hosting package, moved the domain across and attempted to reinstall wordpress from a backup automatically made the day before, this seemed to work except I could find the categories I had created. Then I started to get “404 forbidden”

To be honest I couldn’t be arsed to look around or ask about this issue in the support groups, it was just so much easier to start again, and so that’s exactly what I have done, this is the first post on the new install and hopefully I won’t found any more “terminal” issues meaning I have to start over again..again.

I have found a couple of minor issues, but hopefully they are being fixed.

Steve Woodmore

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