My vape is bigger than your vape

It’s not really a vape it’s a nebulizer (or nebuliser) .

Part of my daily lung clearance routine, first I nebulise with salbutomol which is a bronchodilator that opens up my airways then I use hypertonic saline which is a sterile 7% Salt solution. Depending on how bad my lungs are gunked up I have to do this up to 4 times each day but mostly once a day.

Salbutomol opens my airways to allow the salt in, the saline then encourages water to mix with the mucus an d thins it meaning it’s easier for me to cough it up.

I have 2 nebulizers the main one I use in the Hangsun CN560 which is mains powered only.
It really requires very little maintenance just cleaning of the mouth pirce and once in a while changing the little air filter on the back and the filter pads are as cheap as chips.

The other nebulizer I have is my portable travel one the Beurer IH60UK which has it’s own built in rechargeable battery so I can use it anywhere like on the beach or even in a plane, and I have indeed used in both places.

It’s recharged by a standard micro usb lead and a charge will last me for my 4 daily sessions and it takes around 90 mins to recharge so it is good for a daily use when I am away.

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