My Mah-Toe

That’s Tattoo to the rest of you

They say you should never have another person’s name on a tattoo, well I didn’t listen. I had this tattoo done when I was just 18 years old.
The relationship defined in it ended in 1995.
I decided not to do anything about it as it didn’t bother me, I had no intention of getting it covered so I just left it. It’s funny when my kids were growing up especially my son, he called it my mah-toe which is actually child speak for tomato because he thought it was a tomato.

Only a couple of times over the years have people noticed it on my arm and made the assumption that the person I was with was the person in that tattoo, but that didn’t happen often enough for me to worry about it until 2017. Then somebody addressed my partner as Sue based on the tattoo on my arm so I thought I think it’s about time I need to get it changed or do something with it.

But what to do? get it removed ort have it covered with another one? Having looked at a lot of pictures of removed tattoos I decided I still still see the outline of many of them and if mine turned out like that then my OCD would bother the life outta me.
I guess that left having it covered with another tattoo as the answer.
But what type of tattoo? traditional, tribal? nouveau? that took another 2 years until 2019 before finally decided what I wanted.
So I booked an appointment with a tattoo artist, gave him a rough idea of what I wanted and told him to get on with it.

And that’s exactly what he did, got on with it, I didn’t actually see his design until the outline was on my arm and so he started inking it in.

It was a bit bigger than I imagined, but not a worry, I have always like large tattoos

Finally I can see what he was doing, and yes this is what I wanted so he carried on.

a 3D “terminator” type was what I wanted but not atreminatort clone, everyone had those, I wanted mine to be unique.

It’s starting to look better and better now, not much more to do.

Just a few more little bits of minor shading to do then it’s finished.

Voila, the finished article.

Steve Woodmore

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