My first live multi-stream

I did it, I got the nerve up to do it and did it.

I streamed across 3 platforms, Twitch, Youtube and Facebook

And here it is, lots of technical mistakes and the stream started broadcasting nearly 15mins before it should have done. but we got there.

I must admit I am totally underwhelmed with the amount of viewers, 1 on Twitch and 1 on you tube with just a peak of 7 on Facebook.

But I guess that’s how everyone starts? or maybe they don’t and I just not good at this or not entertaining enough? who knows? do I really care? Nahhhh… I am having fun so I shall just carry on regardless.

Technical issues

Self inflicted I might add, I am not that experienced with the software I only installed it a few days ago and I really need to practice with it to get smoother. I am sure that will happen and Over the next few days I will make some “how to” videos and put them on Youtube to help people to avoid making some of the mistakes I made.

Crib sheets

I need to start writing down all the things I need to talk about each session not exhaustive notes but little hints to myself to keep me “on track”
It’s actually very hard to “ad lib” for almost 90 mins as I did today But I did it because I had my crib sheet to remind but I also tried to get participation from the watchers as well and that I felt was like herding cats.

I have some experience in the entertainment world and knew how to work an audience but that was in the days befiore the web where you could see your audience and judge their reactions, streaming you can’t and that makes it difficult.

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