My daily meds.

Up until 2014 I barely took any medication at all, maybe a paracetamol when I had a headache or a Lemsip when I had a cold and that was about it.

Now each morning I take what I consider a load of meds, some prescribed by my doctors others I self medicate.

Prescription meds

Omeprazole 20mg 2x daily

This is because I have acid reflux which if I don’t take 20mg 2x daily, one in the morning and once in the evening means I can’t talk properly.

Carbocisteine 375mg 3x daily

This is for my bronchiectasis and it thins the mucus in my lungs making it easier to shift ( cough up)

Finestaride 5mg

This is because my prostate is slightly enlarged.

Aspirin 75mg

I am at a higher risk of a heart attack and or a stroke so 75mg daily is to make my blood a little less sticky.

Thealoz Duo Gel 1 0.4g drop in each eye 4x daily

I have RCE (Recurrent Corneal Erosion) And this lubricates my eyes to prevent my corneas getting further damaged.

Azythromyacin 3x weekly

Mon, Weds and Fridays. This is a prophylactic antibiotic which I will be on for the rest of my life, it’s to help prevent chest infections.

Trimbow 2 puffs morning and evening

This is a preventer inhaler that helps prevents my lungs from becoming too inflamed.

Salbutamol up to 5 puffs as needed

This is a reliever inhaler which opens my airways if they become too blocked up.

Salbutamol 2.5ml ampoule

This is for my nebuliser and taken up to 4 times a day if have a chest infection, it’s 10x the dose of the inhaler

Nebusal 7% 4mg Ampoule

For my nebuliser, it’s a saline solution that’s mixed with the salbutamol when I have a chest infest to thin the mucus out

Atorvastatin 20mg 1 at night

To lower my cholesterol.

Doxycycline Rescue pack

A powerful antibiotic that I take only when I get a chest infection

Prednisolone Recue pack

A powerful steroid to reduce inflammation when I get a chest infection.

Avamys 27.5 mg spray

As needed to prevent post nasal drip

Self Prescribed

Tumeric 1 capsule daily

A natural anti inflammatory I take for my arthritis

Multivitamins 1 tablet daily

Because I don’t get out in the sun as much as I should and I don’t normally get my 5 a day in my diet

Cod Liver oil 1 capsule daily

To ease stiff joints

Chrondatin and glucosamine 1 capsule daily

For stiff joints

Magnesium 1 tablet daily at night

Prevents night cramps

Phew lol

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