My cancer this week

Follicular Lymphoma

I have a blood cancer, Follicular Lymphoma.

This week, WE 4/12/2021 has been a strange week for me and my cancer and TBH I am not even sure if it is my cancer.

It all started great on the Monday, I went to the proper first season of my gym course (My GP referred me to a course at the local leisure centre called “Fresh Start”, this course is designed to improve your core strength, especially if like me you have been fairly sedentary for years. This was actually the 3rd session but also the 1st proper session, session 1 was taking my medical history and assessing my fitness, session 2 was a introduction to the gym machines. This session was where I used the machine properly for 2 hours. I know the word “gym” conjures up images of people pumping iron like Arnold Schwarzenegger but the course isn’t like that at all, it’s all very gentle and very slow)

None of the things I did during these 2 hours I would describe as strenuous but I did feel a little tired at the end of it, so much so that I had planned to go for a swim afterwards but just felt too tired for that.

The week progresses

That was monday, Tuesday was the same old shit, that’s my “cheat” day where my mate comes round in the evening and we drink beer, eat takeaways and watch shit on TV. However this didn’t happen this week as he has a cold and decided not to give it to me so I ended up having “boys night” on my own where I drank beer, ate a kebab and watched shit on TV. 🤣

Wednesday I started to feel really sore from what I had done on Monday, every time I sat still I was all stiff when I got back up again.
This stiffness and soreness meant I didn’t go swimming today either :/

Thursday, well I woke up after sleeping for 11 hours. 😯11 hours 😮 I haven’t slept that long since I was a teenager.

Wow! that was a hell of a long time to sleep and what made matters worse is that I didn’t actually feel very refreshed, in fact I woke up feeling more tired than when I went to bed.

Within about 2 hours of getting I was feeling very tired, so tired that I went back to bed again and napped for an hour, when I awoke I felt better but with a few hours I was tired again and went back to bed again.

13 hours I had slept on Thursday I really can’t remember when, if ever, i had spent more than half the day sleeping, wow, that gym workout must have exhausted me, mustn’t it?

Spleen pain

Early Thursday I started to get a twinge in my Spleen which I can only describe as being like a stitch you get from running ( I knew it was my Spleen because I also got a twinge in my shoulder right where it met my arm, don’t ask me how or why that happens, but it a sign of Spleen pains)

It didn’t bother me that much until I went to bed that night and I really couldn’t sleep on my left hand side as it made the pain worse.

I had an interrupted nights sleep and like Thursday ever couple of hours I needed to go to bed again as I was so shattered, all in all I got around 11 hours sleep.

I also started to take my “Emergency” morphine, 10mg Zomorph capsules to deal with the pain. ( My Spleen is enlarged, this is due to my cancer and the Spleen being part of the lymphatic system so this isn’t the first time it’s given me pain)

Another night without good quality sleep

Again that night I had a very rough night both the the nagging Spleen and night sweats interrupted me, so much so I couldn’t tell if I had a few night sweats or one long one.

Once I was fully awake I got up and about an hour after being up I suddenly started to feel really “Funny”, light headed dizzy and in a cold sweat and I wanted to puke. I did have the presence of mind to check my BP which was 85/60, I already knew it was low because of the way I felt but I didn’t realise how low it had crashed.
I made my way to loo to throw up and that’s all I can remember until I woke up on my bed, not in it, but on it and fully dressed 3 hours later.

I have had these “funny” episodes before, last time was on revlimid and that’s the reason we stopped that drug, but now I have had one without being on the drug so that means something else is going on.

Since then I have felt fine, a little tired so I had an hour’s nap but otherwise I feel OK, if I have another of these episodes I will call the acute oncology emergency helpline number I have but if I don’t I going to call my cancer CNS first thing monday morning anyway

Obviously I have something going on with my Spleen, it might be my cancer it might not, I’m not a doctor so I don’t know.

Lets see how the weekend goes then.

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