Movieprep is a laxative and it’s absolutely disgusting, disgusting beyond words.

It comes as 2 sachets of powder that you have to make up with 1 litre of water. It tastes so disgusting I want to barf after drinking it, it’s foul.

19:00 I have to drink a litre of it tonight and then another litre in the morning…blurgh. Here goes nothing.

20:00 The only way I can stomach it is to alternate a mouthful of it with a mouthful of Bovril.

20:30 Finally, that’s my litre for tonight drunk, 90 minutes since I started it and so far nothing has happened.

21:00 BOOM! an explosive dump almost 2 hrs to the minute that I started, it also came with very little warning, I had just enough time to get to the toilet. It just poured out. Oh and it stank of Movieprep.

21:08 Another short notice liquid explosive dump.

21:13 And another one, and what a horrible feeling it is when it just pours out.

21:34 another one

21:55 another

22:13 yet another.

Steve Woodmore

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