Motor insurance companies..meh!

A necessary evil.

Insurance is a legal requirement so I have to have it and I guess if it wasn’t a legal requirement I would still buy it because of exactly things like this.

I got stitched up

This is in Lewisham High St with the junction of Ladywell Road, London SE13

What happened?

I am coming down the High St to turn right into Ladywell road, I stopped ready to turn when the lights changed but realised I had stopped slightly short of the junction, had a look in my rearview and could see a few cars behind me so I decided to move forward to allow more cars behind me to enter junction.

As I am moving forward I am watching the traffic coming the other way as I don’t want to cross into it then suddenly out of the corner of my eye I caught movement, by the time I had processed it, realised what was happening and hit the brakes it was too late I hit him, he just didn’t leave me enough time or space to stop safely.

Watch the clip, at no time did the moped rider look or take any notice of what was going on around him, he should have seen me moving and should have realisewd the danger and he should have done what’s called a “life saver” shoulder check before moving in front of me.

So whose fault was it?

I informed my insurance company and told them I had dashcam footage, sent ti them and they got back to me and said “Everyone who has seen this agrees you weren’t at fault so we will proceed on that basis”

Trouble is the moped rider went to one of these “no won no fee” accident management companies who straight away got him to hire a replacement bike and blamed me.

Not a problem my insurance still supported me so the other party deiced to go to court, again my insurance was dfully behind me right up until the day before the court hearing.

It’s all about money not liability

The day before were due to go to court my insurance inform me they have decided to settle 50/50 not on liability but because they were afraid of how high the bill might be if they lost the court case.

That’s mr stitched up then, I lost my NCB for 2 years which cost me about £2k so as I wasn’t happy I decide to complain to the FOS who then informed me the insurers had gone bust (Alpha insurance) and there was no action they could take on my behalf as the insurers didn’t exist any more.

To this day I claim it was 100% the moped riders fault.

What do you think?

Filmed on a Viofo A129 Pro Duo 4K dashcam

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