Me and my nebuliser

Using my nebuliser.. my lymphoma legacy

This is because I have Bronchiectasis and I have to do this up to 4 times each day to keep my lungs clear of mucus.

Bronchiectasis is a disease where the airways in my lungs have become damaged and are much wider than usual, this causes me to produce much more mucus than usual.

I have to clear this excess mucus from my lungs or it will just sit there and trap nasty bugs and stuff and give me an infection, more infections mean more damage to my lungs and the Bronchiectasis gets worse.

Bronchiectasis is incurable and the name of the game is to do everything to avoid getting an infection.

I got Bronchiectasis because I have cancer (Follicular lymphoma), the cancer has weakened my immune system which meant back in Jan 2019 I caught flu but my weakened immune system just couldn’t fight it off and I developed pneumonia which again I couldn’t fight off.

It took me almost a year, 4 very long hospital stays and being constantly pumped full of powerful antibiotics for the pneumonia to clear up.

However the pneumonia did the damage to my lungs that has given me Bronchiectasis.

This is the nebuliser I use.

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