McDonalds and Cashpoints

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Yesterday McD’s announced they would close all their UK store at 19:00 this evening.
I just took the missus to work, I didn’t get out of the car before you and I don’t need to go anywhere near people to get in or out of it at home before you ask, on the way back I drove past McD’s OMG people are panic buying burgers, I have never seen such a long queue as I did today.

Cashpoints, yes people are panic withdrawing cash, every cash point in the High St had a queue at least 10 deep, the goods new if there is any is that they were keeping a good metre apart from each other, now the thing is, how are they going to do that when they hand over the c ash for whatever goods they intended to get with it?

The government have said we should all go contactless during this crisis because cash is a major spreader of diseases, so my pet theory is that all the people panicking to get their cash out are the same one that panic bought loo rolls and they are doing this they are quite sure if they have managed to kill themselves and their loved ones so they are taking cash out just to make certain they spread this virus to their loved ones.

Steve Woodmore

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