Masks and the future

The new normal

I’ll be wearing my mask for a very long time to come.
Between mask wearing and shielding I have been without an exacerbation for a year and it was heaven. When I started to go out again I almost instantly had an exacerbation. Talking to my consultant last week we both agree that people are the issue and I should try and stay away from them ????.
She also said it’s not her BX patients that had benefits from mask wearing and lock down but all of her lung patients.

If we go back prior to 2020 mask wearing in the U.K. was the exception and very few people wore them. I you did wear one you would probably get some “funny” looks.

Why still wear one?

I have 2 incurable and progressive conditions, I have a blood cancer, Follicular Lymphoma and I have a serious lung condition Bronchiectasis.
Either of the conditions on their own mean I am CEV (Clinically Extremely Vunerable) and both together mean I am very “delicate”.

Mask or face covering?

For me the distinction between the 2 is the level of protection they give.
A face covering isn’t for my benefit but for the benefit others to stop me from spreading the virus ( if I had it) to others where as a mask is for my benefit to stop me from catching anything from other people.

This is my “everyday” mask that I wear when I am out and about and on the rare occasions I go into shops and the like.
It takes N95 inserts which allegedly filter out 95% of particles from the air and allegedly includes Covid particles.

I say “allegedly” because the Internet is full of self appointed experts on Covid who mostly talk a load of shit with the net effect of meaning that the valid research gets lost in the signal to noise ratio. My own personal research has led me to believe that yes these masks are better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick as a protection against Covid.

This is my hospital mask unlike the grey one it doesn’t take inserts, the whole mask is the insert and ensures everything I breathe in or out is filtered.
I really don’t like this because it does restrict my breathing some and as I have BX it makes everything a struggle but hospitals are full of sick of people so I want to give myself maximum protection from them.

The Far East

I have travelled a bit in the Far East, I have been to Singapore, Korea and Thailand and out there prior to this pandemic the wearing of masks was pretty standard.
Seoul it was most noticeable almost everyone in the city wore a mask, or at least that’s how it appeared to me, the masks were worn as an anti pollution measure as opposed to an anti virus measure.

Here in the UK it was only people from the Far East over here that seems to wear masks prior to the pandemic, there were a few others as well, but it was the exception rather than the rule.


This Covid pandemic really has changed things and coming out of it I suspect many people will be wearing masks in public long after the requirement for them has passed.

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