Lymphoma treatment update

Follicular Lymphoma

Treatment resumes


My treatment was suspend in early November because of a bad reaction I had to revlimid, I had an appointment with my haematologist yesterday to discuss my options going forward.

The reason I was on treatment was because earlier in the year, May or June time I think, my night sweats started to come back with a vengeance, I had suddenly gone from having 2-3 a month to having really drenching ones each night, my haematologist ordered a PET Scan and the results showed my lymphoma had come back.

That news was a bit soul destroying because it was only 5 months previously that I had been given the “all clear” from the chemo I had in 2020, oh well all I could do was carry on carrying on and once again go through treatment.

I had an appointment with the haematologist yesterday and it been decided that i carry on with the immunotherapy but just the Rituximab.

I have had 4x weekly doses and the new regimen will be 4x monthly doses, 1 dose a month for the next 4 months, then a months pause and either a CT or a PET scan to see how I am doing before discussing new options, if any.

The reason the treatment is resuming is that I have already noticed some improvements in my condition, the night sweats have gone from being really drenching once or twice each night to drenching but only 2-3 each week and so the hope is that by continuing treatment this sweats will reduce further or even, fingers crossed, completely disappear.

That’s all there is to report.

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