Lock down, is it worth it?

We’re all being told that we should stay home and socially distance ourselves to reduce the spread of Covid 19, does it really have any effect or make any difference?

We’re told that it will reduce the bell curve on the number of cases, I say rubbish, the number of cases and deaths will be exactly the same, those who are going to die from it will still die, all that is happening is the number of cases is being spread over a grater period of time by allowing the virus to continue.

There is only two way of combating the virus, either total isolation of every household for 2 weeks per person with nobody going in or out thus killing off the virus by having no new people to infect OR no isolation and letting in run it’s course accepting that a lot of people will die over a short period of time.

The second option would only work IF the virus can not be caught a second time AND if it doesn’t mutate into a new variant that can be caught be people already weakened by having another variant.

Good luck folks, I think we’re all going to need it.

D Soul

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