Live streaming me

For the foreseeable future I am exploring live streaming. I can and have live streamed games I play on Youtube and that was experimental to see if I could actually use the software (how to’s will be posted, check back) and I can.

I have also looked at lots of streamers at “work” and I have found they fall broadly into 3 categories

Gamers.. they stream their game play.. gamers are a big community but the complexity of the game scares the shit out of me, I like simple.

Tittybums.. mainly young females wearing bikinis in hot tubs, TBH I prefer Pornhub for that sort of thing.

Chatters…there are some sub categories here
How to’s… how to do shit
Talk shows.. like on telly with guests and shit
Shit talkers…People who seem to spend all day talking complete and utter shite.

Well I have some of these talents, stop panicking I don’t have a hot tub so the bikini isn’t happening, I do play a couple of simple games and have already streamed these for absolutely no interest lol. However my biggest talent is talking complete and utter shite.

This is where I aim to pitch myself, in the talking complete bollocks market. This is something I should be able to do quite easily.

First I need to sort out how to use all the software and equipment, I have a decent camera, I have a decent mic and I am exploring OBS Studio as software. I also need to schedule when to talk shit and what shit to talk about, I have some ideas but lets get this show on the road first.

I think my first few broadcasts will be gaming based and in my head I picture my games on screen with my video in a corner explaining what I am doing but I have several things to sort out first, as above the software for broadcasting and also chroma key ( green screen) software to remove the background from my video, for this I will be using chromacam.

That’s it for now, I am off to try and get it all to work together locally before I put it out live to the world.

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