A homebrew resurgence

LITFA. Remember this acronym for the home kit brewer it is the most important thing they need to remember.

I am a member of several home brewing groups and they all have the same thing happening in them, lots of “noob” coming into the hobby for the first time. This is down to the COVID19 pandemic and the lockdown, pubs are shut are buying from shops is more difficult than it used to be.

So we have a resurgence in people wanting to brew their own beer, this is a good thing as it means that manufacturers will see a bigger market and do more for it. Anyway the “noobs” are all doing more or less the same thing and this is the absolute worst thing they can possibly do, beer has an enemy that given the last chance will destroy it. What enemy is this? Air! or more precisely oxygen O2. Up until the point you add the yeast O2 is good, as soon as you start to ferment O2 is bad.

O2 is bad because it will oxidise your beer leading to some very “off” and nasty tastes, in fact a lot of noobs will brew one batch and decide homebrew isn’t for them because it tasted awful. Well the chances are they are the ones that fucked it up in the first place.

Make your kit up as per the instructions, put it into your fermenting vessel and add the yeast. Put the lid on it and then LITFA. Yes LITFA. From this point it should take the yeast 24-48 hrs before you see some activity in your airlock so for at least 48hrs LITFA. even after 48hrs you may not see any bubbles in your airlock, not all Fermenting vessels are airtight and the CO2 might be getting out through the lid so LITFA.

Read the instructions how long do they say it should take, most will “claim” 5-7 days. I say claim because I found instructions to be very optimistic at best. You see the makers want you to buy a kit, they know however you are very impatient and if you see 2 kits and states 5-7 days and the other 14-21 days for beer that ready to drink they know you will go for the shortest time. This is so very, very wrong LITFA.

There is no “magic” way to shorten a brewing time using a home brew kit, to properly ferment they need at least 14 days and 21 days is even better. LITFA

No bubbling at the airlock? LITFA
It’s been 5 days and you just want to look at what’s happened. LITFA
The instruction state it’s ready after 7 days. LITFA

No matter how tempted you are, no matter how much you think it’s not brewing DO NOT open that lid!


Leave It the fuck alone. because everytime you open that lid you risk letting beer’s worst enemy in, well 2nd worst enemy, you’re it’s 1st. If oxygen gets in it will ruin your beer.

Brewing really is a very simple process, yeast eats sugar and turns it into CO2 and alcohol, as long as you mixed the kit up correctly and left it to cool to the right temperature before adding the yeast then your beer will ferment at this stage there is absolutely nothing you can do to make it brew faster or better so LITFA, 14 days minimum.

Steve Woodmore

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