Leveraging The Worlds Fastest Talker

I hold and have held for over 30 years now not 1 but 2 World Records for Worlds Fastest Talker.
These aren’t self styled or self endowed world records they are official Guinness World Records.

If you thought it was someone else then read this A very British underdog

Anyway that’s not the point of this post, the point of this post is to vocalise my thoughts.

When I broke these world records over 30 years ago all the other “fast talkers” were media personalities who actually made a living out of their skills, me? nope. I am just an ordinary person that realised they could break a record.

In 1923  when George Leigh Mallory was about to attempt to climb Everest and asked why he was doing it he replied ” because it’s there” and that is exactly why I broke these world records “because they are there” that was my motivation to have a World Record and not become a “media personality” so after I had broken them I just went about my day to day life not really caring about the false pretenders to my crown and their untrue claims.

A few times over the years I have made half arsed attempts to try and leverage these records but they mainly failed because I couldn’t prove them ( my marriage broke up and in the fallout all my world record certificates got destroyed) and I didn’t think any recordings of the contest had been made so I never really got up and running.

In 2013 Cancer reared it’s ugly head and this meant I was spending until now fighting it, I have been through radiotherapy and 2 separate spells of chemotherapy. Then in 2020 when the Covid pandemic happened I had to shield which meant I couldn’t work.
It’s now 2021 and It’s become clear to me I am never going to healthy enough to work in a job again.

So what to do with myself? my health means I really can’t commit to anything for anyone else because I have to work it around hospitals and treatments, so what else is there?

Wait, I do have something I can leverage, I hold 2 unbroken World Records, I think it’s time I started to leverage that.

How? I am not sure yet but I have some ideas around live streaming and vlogs so to begin I am planning to do a daily vlog on my YouTube which you can find here ( As long as my health lets me)


The first hurdle I need to overcome is the magic 1,000 subscribers mark on Youtube at the time of writing I have just over 200 so that’s an uphill battle and my first goal, they say content is king so I best get on with creating some.

Ooops nearly forgot please follow me on Youtube and subscribe to my channel.

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