I’ve been out, out No2

Beef and Turkey Duo

The Chequers Inn Heaverham

I have made many online friends and I have actually met the majority of the ones that I interact with on a regular basis.

However sometimes life and shit just gets in the way of meeting others, Liz I have known online for what must be 16 or more years and out of all my online friends she’s probably the closest to me in distance, However like I said life and shit has just in the way every time we have arranged to meet.

This Sunday however was different, even though the government advice is that we don’t need to “shield” any more I still am sort of, this is because my doctors keep telling me I am clinically extremely vulnerable so I don’t really go out anywhere.

This however gets on my tits and after a while and I go “stir crazy” so I just had to get out of the house. Now here’s the thing, Liz works in a pub that isn’t a million miles away from me and she is always posting on Facebook about how good the food is. So we decided we would go down to the pub this particular Sunday to meet Liz at work and have a Sunday dinner.

So on the Sunday off we went, now I sort of knew the area and had a rough idea where the pub was but followed the sat-nav anyway which was a bit of a mistake as it took us all through the lanes and I know going via the main road would have been much quicker, that said my partner loved the scenery in the countryside and she kept remarking how typical “Kent” it was (This I found a rather odd thing to say because we were in Kent and therefore everything was “typically” Kent) eventually we arrived at the pub which from the outside looked exactly like a typical countryside Kent pub should look like

The pub

The Chequers Inn

As we walked in through the door Liz came bouncing over with a big smile on her face and said “Can we hug?” So we all had a hug in the middle of the room.

This of course was not the slightest bit out of place in the pub.

Once we had the hugs out of the way Liz showed us to our table which had a “Reserved” sign on it and even better was right by the bar.

The Chequers is a “Shepherd Neame” pub, Shepherd Neame is a Kent brewery down in Faversham and they make some great beers.

As soon as I realised it was a Shepherd Neame pub I smiled, I smiled because my favourite ale is Spitfire ale which is brewed by Shepherd Neame and here it was on draught in the pub. The downside is that I was driving so I really couldn’t drink and I ordered a pint Spitfire shandy which was the only alcohol I would be having.

Once we sat down I had a good look around the bar and you could tell it was an old pub that had been here for years but was now what you might call a gastro pub.

Liz was working but we had time to have a chat between the things she was doing, she was constantly running off the answer the phone as it was a very busy lunchtime for the pub.

One of the staff offered to take a picture of the 3 of us but again the phone kept ringing and I didn’t want to interfere with Liz’s work and I was happy for her to carry on.

Once she has finished with th phone call she gave us the menus and I chose the Beef and Turkey duo whilst Siân chose the Beef.

Where we were sat we could smell the food cooking and my stomach was doing double somersaults in anticipation it smelt lovely and then OMG!! my food arrived.

There was a massive pile of meat on my plate, I looked at it and thought “FFS I am on a diet” of course I realised I didn’t actually have to eat all of it but that was a problem because it tasted as nice as it smelt and I couldn’t help myself I just had to eat it all.

This was one of the nicest and biggest pub dinners I have eaten in what seems forever I really cannot describe how nice this was.

I realised my diet had gone out of the window for the day so I thought I might as well be hung for a sheep as a goat and I ordered a dessert, the most calorie laden thing on the menu, Sticky Toffee pudding and custard.

Once again it was a treat, it was delicious and the custard was very creamy and I was full up and felt all blobby, Siân ordered a Belgian Waffle which by all accounts was just as nice and calorie laden as my dessert was.

I washed the meal down with a pint of Spitfire shandy (shandy pah, it’s like chewing a toffee with the wrapper on, but I was driving, so I had to be good) and a pint of coke, Siân had her usual bucket of white wine.

We chatted to Liz off and on as she was working but all in all it was a great day out which I thoroughly enjoyed, pleasant food in a pleasant venue with extremely pleasant company, yes I am coming back here again.

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