It’s amazing what you find when you’re not looking

Things I never knew yesterday

It is amazing the things you find when you are not actually looking for them.

I have been writing a podcast script in Microsoft Word, and I thought I would send it to my partner so that she could review it and make any suggestions however she did not have a word installation on her PC.

Sharing my office 365 account

I decided to explore the sharing options in my Microsoft Office 365 account because I read somewhere that I could share it with other family members, and I was correct I could.

So I shared my office 365 account with my partner and then while I was exploring the sharing options so that I could get the documents to her I suddenly noticed a button that said “share to blog”.

That is interesting I thought, so I explored the instructions, and it turns out that I can share a Word document directly into my WordPress blog as a blog post.

This is a possibility I thought I’d explore

I followed the instructions and I linked Word to my WordPress blog, lo and behold I can indeed write something in Word then convert it to a blog post and upload it directly into my blog.

I am so glad I thought I would explore this possibility because I love Word’s editor functions, spellchecker and grammar checker as it always makes my Word documents look so much more professional.

Consider this a test post

the other thing I like about Microsoft Word is I have the possibility to dictate the document rather than typing it because I am a lousy typist. And that is exactly what I have done with this post I’ve dictated it and Microsoft text to speech has converted it for me meaning I can actually make a large post much quicker and more comprehensive than I could do if I was typing it because I really am a **** typist.

I see it also has a rude word filter which I am going to have to look at turning off it made me laugh when it replaced **** with the asterisks 🤣 . Actually I’ve changed my mind on that I do have a bit of a ******* potty mouth and it would be nice not to have my foul language written down, you’ll just have to fill in the blanks yourself

Meanwhile this should be considered a test post of my ability to compose and write in Word and then drop it directly into my blog from word.

I’ve always found the WordPress editors a bit fiddly both the graphical editor and the tiny MCE editor so being able to compose in Word solves a lot of problems for me and should make my writing better what I will be doing is composing it in Word then uploading it to the blog as a draught post and then doing the final adjustments like if it needs a video insert it or something like that actually within WordPress itself.

A new clarity from me

I really am a **** typist, quite lazy with it too and I never do more than one spellcheck then I tend to post with errors in place and then have to go back and correct them a couple of days later when I’ve spotted them. So, consider this as the first post in what will be a new clarity of posting for me.

I’ve also just worked out how to turn the fucking profanity filter off, but do you know what? I’m going to leave it on because it amuses me knowing that sometimes you will be scratching your heads, working out what it was the **** I said.

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