It all went Pete Tong

The phrase “It’s all gone Pete Tong” is a sort of rhyming slang for for It’s all gone wrong” 

And last night it all went tits up.

Nothing like mixing metaphors is there? ????????????

Last night if it could go wrong then it did go wrong. I tried for the first time to have a “studio guest” live and on with me, now I am not completely stupid and we had “rehearsed” it earlier in the day, not what we were going to say but the technical aspects of having a guest in my stream.

We spent the afternoon getting the technical bits out of the way, I used Skype for my guest and created an NDI source for it in OBS.
It worked like a dream.

15 mins before I went live I called my guest on Skype and had him “standing by”, then I started streaming.

After a few minutes I noticed my radio mic lights weren’t on and said “fuck” whilst I quickly switched the mic on and then apologised for the few mins of silence. I couldn’t quite work out how I had missed that because the VU meter in the OBS mic/aux source wouldn’t be registering anything so at that time I couldn’t work out why I hadn’t spotted it as that’s one of the key things I monitor throughout a broadcast.

So because I had no audio I did the first few minutes again. The thing is when I checked the replay this morning the first few minutes audio was in fact there I had been using a different mic to the one I forgot to switch on which is why I never noticed the VU meter because it would have been showing output…dickhead that I am.
So it looks like I have totally lost the plot and repeating myself.


Then for some reason the broadcast started lagging and buffering, I don’t know the cause it might have been my broadband connection or it might have been restream (they are the service I use to multiple stream) eventually dropping the stream twice.

Ironing is bad for streaming.

So I come to the point where I bring in my live guest and it works flawlessly and me and Danny begin to chat away, after a little while there’s suddenly silence from Danny, his signal has completely stopped.

Then he PM’s me on messenger to say he’s had a power cut.

This leaves me floundering a bit as I had a script, well not a script more a crib sheet with bullet point topics we were going to talk about and suddenly I had to really “wing” it and find new things to talk about for the time Danny was “off air”

After about 25 mins he came back on and explained that his wife started to do the ironing and tripped the breaker in the fuse box.

Then the stream lagged and dropped again, like I said, if it could have gone wrong that night, it did.

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