Isolation Shaming


It seems that this is becoming the new “internet stick” to beat people upside the head with. Shaming has it’s place as some people are just being total fuckwits and ignoring all instructions to socially isolate, but people as usual just can’t be trusted to be the best judge of things.

In several groups I am in this “shaming” has gone way, way over the top in that people who are legitimate ‘key’ workers are now on the end of shaming abuse.

You have be reasonable with this shaming and be aware not everyone out there is a fucktard, ok, the people on the beaches and having picnics in beauty spots, yeah they need shaming, but that lady at the bus stop? she might well be an ICU nurse on her way home from a 48hr shift where she has saved lives. That guy walking through the park could be well be leading consultant on his way to work. The point is you don’t know why some people are out there, just because someone is outside doesn’t mean they are a target for shaming, calm down, stop this isolation shaming hysteria.

Steve Woodmore

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