In there be dragons

This is the entrance to the chemotherapy treatment suite and I am sitting outside awaiting CDU screening, that’s where they check my temp and ask me about what I have been doing etc to asses if I am a Covid risk or not.

Throughout my cancer journey that room has been the scariest place for me.

After I was first diagnosed I was put on “watch and wait” where they actively monitor me and every 4 months I had to visit the haematologists and I had to walk past this room each time.

Why did this room scare me? because it represented that this shit was real, you only go in there if you are on treatment and you only have treatment if you need it.

So yeah, in there be dragons.

The reality of course is quite different, once you are through those doors it’s no longer scary, in fact it’s a relief because you are being treated and by it’s very nature means you are worse and this is going to hopefully get you better.

treatment itself is rather boring, it’s 4-8 hours of being infused with cytotoxic drugs to kill your cancer cells. The staff are great but the whole process is just boring so I bring my lappy in to entertain myself.

The worst bit is the start of each infusion where they put the cannula in your artery, sometimes they can’t always find easily and have to poke about a bit and that smarts but generally they are very good and hit the vein first time with little or no pain.

So no there aren’t really dragons in this room and no, it isn’t really scary, in fact it’s a good place, it’s a place where at the start of the treatment cycle I feel like shit and at the end of the cycle hopefully I feel better.

This is now my third treatment cycle in 3 years and here I am after infusion #3 of this cycle and already my symptoms are subsiding and I am starting to feel better.

So, no, no dragons here.

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