I was going to go swimming today

I felt quite good when I got up

For the first time in 10 days I woke up without a pain in my side and without pouring with sweat, in fact I actually felt quite good. I was, and still am, hopefully that whatever has been wrong with me is now resolving itself and with that I mind I haven’t been swimming for 2 weeks and I have missed 2 of my gym classes so I thought I would go swimming today.

Then the news came on

The news that this Omicron variant is possibly milder but far more virulent and to expect cases in the millions by the end of the week and there is concern that the NHS will become overwhelmed.

Tidal wave

The talking heads have described what they think is coming as a “tidal wave” of cases which will happen between now and Christmas.


Once again I see on social media that the self appointed experts are taken this to mean this variant is mild and won’t hurt them so they don’t seem to be taking it very seriously and probably think it won’t affect them or if it does it will be no worse than a cold.

There are many that have posted to say they have this new variant and it’s no worse than a cold, this I think will lead people to ignore the advice and go about life as normal. This is extremely arrogant of people.

No antibodies

I have a blood cancer, follicular lymphoma and just recently I had a blood test for covid antibodies and the results are that I have none. I have had the primary vaccinations now 2 of AstraZenaca and 1 of Pfizer, if I was ever going to develop antibodies it would have happened by now.


I have no choice now but to go back to being “billy-no-mates” and “shielding” this variant may only be mild to most but to me it’s just a deadly as all the other ones and I have no resistance and a weakened immune system to boot. I just can’t afford to catch it.

So no, I didn’t go swimming today and it’s probably going to be quite a while before I can go again 😥 tomorrow I have to cancel my gym course as well as I am not going to be able to go on that.

Life is just a bit shit right now.

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