I Love #Chislehurst

Just some images from the village of #Chislehurst Kent where I live.

Chislehurst is on the London Kent border and I consider it to be a “village” although would say it was a town.

It’s a lovely leafy and green outer suburb of London, you are 20 mins from the centre of London by train in one direction and 10 mins from the lovely Kent countryside by car in another direction.

I’ve lived here since 1997 but moved to the area just outside Chislehurst in 1979 so i have spent my entire adult life (so far) in this part of South East London.

It really is a pretty little place with it’s commons and 2 duck ponds which give it a real English Village feel about it, you can stand by the ponds or on the commons and you would be hard pressed to imagine you are still in London.

These pictures are random, I was out and about on my bike and I just took them, this is only the Central part of Chislehurst, there are other parts each with their own character which I shall get pictures of over the next few weeks and post them.

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