I like a nicely trimmed bush

No, not that kind of trimmed bush, although I do enjoy that as well, but the shrub kind.

After being a virtual prisoner in my own home due to “shielding” during the covid pandemic it’s just so nice to get out and about again.

My needing to use a wheelchair full time when I am out and about coincided with the start of the pandemic (I have an incurable cancer and an incurable lung disease, both combine to affect my mobility) so I never really got to see and experience some of the issues I would have with it.

Now I am finally getting out I am finding lots of issues being in a wheelchair, this video is one example. I have used this bus stop for years, it’s my local bus stop for some destinations and AFAICT this bush (shrub/tree, whatever it’s green and I don’t do green shit) has been overgrown onto the pavement like this for years.

It never really bothered me when I could walk and so I gave it no thought at all, that is until I needed to get a bus form there in my wheelchair, it’s a real PITA as I have to both back into the bush then drive forwards into it to get onto a bus and it normally leaves me covered in green stuff.

My partner doesn’t want me to do anything like either approaching the householder and telling them that their bush is an issue or contacting the local council (It’s overgrown onto the pavement by almost a meter, very illegal) about it as birds are nesting in it and anything that is done to cut it back would interfere with the birds and their nests.

This means I have to use another bus stop almost half a mile further away or just put up with having to drive into a bush if I use this stop. Currently I am suffering the bush as the extra drive to the next stop reduces my battery life at my destination.

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