I haven’t got Reynauds phenomenon.

Reynauds syndrome is a condition that when the temp drops the tips your fingers and or toes goes white and you start to lose feeling in them.

They also become painful and you get “pins and needles” and lose feeling in them making it really difficult to do anything with your hands.

The phenomenon is temperature related the colder it gets the worse it gets. For me it was usually when the air temp dropped to 12c or lower.
It wasn’t always like this though.

I first started to experience the tingling in my fingers around 2003 and only when it got really cold in the 0-3c range at first I just put this down to the cold weather but as time went on not only did it get worse but it started happening at warmer temperatures.

By about 2010 it was starting to happening at 12c or lower and the colder it got after that the worse it got, this meant every autumn I would start wearing gloves outside even when it was still sunny and sometimes I even needed to wear them indoors as well.
As the years went on I found myself buying electrically heated gloves if I needed to go out anywhere when the temp was lower than 12c.
I did see my Dr about it which is when they diagnosed Reynauds phenomenon and they prescribed nifipedine for 3x daily use and surprisingly Viagra for if got really bad, these helped but keeping my hands warm helped the most.

In April 2019 I purchased a new car and the most important feature for me above all else was that it must have a heated steering wheel because when the temp dropped until a cars interior had warmed right up sometimes I couldn’t even grip the steering wheel.
In previous years many times when I had started work I would sit in the car running the engine with my heated gloves on maximum heat for a good 10-15 mins until the car had warmed up enough for me to drive with the gloves off.

Autumn 2019 something happened, or rather it didn’t.

New car all sorted out, not only did it have a heated steering wheel it had heated seats as well, however by the time Autumn had come around my other health conditions had meant that realistically I couldn’t work anymore so I was never going to really experience the luxury of having the steering wheel heated so i could drive off quicker.

I did of course go out in the car but not so often and as autumn came and the air temp dropped to around 12c I was expecting the old Reynauds issue to happen but it didn’t!

10c and it didn’t happen

8c and it didn’t happen

6c and I could actually have ungloved hands and they would work, no whiteness, no pain, no pins and needles

3c and still no sign of my Reynauds

What had happened? had I suddenly been cured? had the act of buying a car with a heated steering wheel scared my Reynauds off?

None of the above, no what had happened is that back in Jan 2019 I quit smoking.I never had Reynauds, I had the symptoms but not the condition, it was all down to smoking narrowing my arteries, oh how I wish I had given it up much sooner, all those years I spent either being unable to use my hands or having them heated hotter than a thermonuclear blast to be able to partially use them.

All that time it was smoking.

Just 6 months of non smoking had made the problem vanish wow. and here we are some 2 years later, I still don’t smoke and my hands are normal even on the coldest of days, I have even been able to have snowball fights with my grandchildren bare handed, something in years past I could only have dreamt of.

There are just so many benefits to being a non smoker and not having Reynauds is one of them.

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