How’s the diet going

Great. I’ve lost 14kg in under 6 weeks.

Yup very happy with how things are going, this week I weighed in at 89kg which is only a 0.8kg loss over last week but it’s pretty much what I want.

I was aiming for 1kg but I’ll take 0.8 as a win, that needle is now just teetering on the edge of obese.

6 weeks ago 103kg, today 89kg, I am very happy indeed and also very happy I have slowed the rate of loss down.

I have also experimented a bit this week for instance I had a Morley’s fried chicken take away on Tuesday and a couple of beers to wash it down with, Thursday I had a full blown English breakfast and 6 doughnuts for my lunch, with a beef sandwich for my evening snack.

So that’s 2 “cheaty” days and still showing a weight loss.

Next week there will only be a single cheaty day, TBH I had my 3rd primary Covid jab on Weds and on Thurs I was just too fucked to stat fannying around with food so the other half cooked the full English and we pigged out on doughnuts not a habit I am going to get into, doughnuts.

I also have a “target” step count of doing 5,000 steps per day which is actually surprisingly achievable just wandering around the house every now and again.

My smartwatch reminds me every hour if I haven’t got up to get up and do something so I take a little wander around the house.

My diet target each day is 1300-1500 calories

This is calories consumed – calories burnt (exercise) = target

Today is a typical day

Target 1500 – 1,435 consumed + 247 burnt = 312 calories left

I will probably have something like a Muller crunch corner a bit later which is about 150 calories and that’ll be me done for the day at around 1400 calories.

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