How to use a mobile phone as a webcam.

I have an old out of contract mobile phone and I was wondering if I had any use for it. Well just lately I have need to record a few videos for “how to’s” for various things, when I recording at home I used my Logitech C922 Pro stream webcam which is a nice bit of kit but it’s a bit limited of some controls like the pan, scan and zoom controls are all software and not optical like the zoom on my phone is and the camera on the phone is just in aother league when it comes to quality.

So..a plan, see if there is a way I can use my mobile phone as a webcam, and it turns out there is and with surprisingly good results too.

I only have android phones and Widnows PC’s so I am only going to talk about them, I am sure IOS have something similar.

First you need the andriod app [appbox googleplay com.dev47apps.droidcam  ]

Then you’ll need the Windows PC client from here

All then then need to do is install the play app on your phone and open it. WARNING your PC and Mobile phone MUST be on the same network, in my case the mobile is connected by Wifi To my router and the PC by LAN ( if you don’t have a network use the USB method instead)
Once the App runs on your phone it will give you an IP address and a port number, then from setting, select which camera you want, front or rear, if you don’t select a camera it’s not going to work.

Then instal and run the client on your PC click inside the white area and a requester will open asking you how to connect ( see video) enter IP adress and port number then click the first icon above for Wifi connect then everything should work just like the video clip.

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