How fat am I?

This fat, that’s how fat and overweight I am.

I have a “figure” it’s the number 0 I am so fat if I ever fell over I would rock myself to sleep.

This! this is why I need to diet

This! this is why I need to build up my core strength.

This! this is what obese looks like

THis! this is what is going to kill me if I don’t do something about it, consider this a “before” picture.


  1. And you discovered another bug.
    To prevent spam until you have posted x number of comments all your comments are held in the moderation queue, the system is supposed to email me to tell me it’s held your comment for me to approve.

    but it didn’t.

    Meh.. and yes, this is why i need to lose weight, I am at serious risk of nasty shit happening.

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