Home made glasses cleaner

I wear glasses and my glasses get really dirty.
I use to use cleaning wipes but I found that I needed 2 or 3 get rid of the dirt and smeeching.

I also used commercial spray liquid cleaners which worked but were expensive.

So I decided to to see what was in them and if I could make my own.

A quick search on google and I found the “recipe” and I also discovered I already had what I needed anyway.

The ingredients can also be purchased very cheaply, they are

Isopropanol (rubbing) Alcohol 70%
De-ionised water
Washing up liquid
Spary bottles

Very quick and easy to make, mix 75% alcohol, 25% water and 3 drops of washing up liquid in a spray bottle.

That’s it, you’re done, a fantastic glasses cleaner which gets rid of dirt, finger prints and doesn’t “smeech”

Not only that it also doubles as a hand sanitizer as well.

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