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With the announcement that puns and clubs were to be closed until this COVID-19 crisis had passed it seems that home brewing of beers is having a renaissance.

I have been brewing beers off and on for 40 years now, originally starting with John Bull and Caxton beer kits in the mid 1980’s, they were alright, they produced a fairly drinkable beer , in fact I can recall many a time me and a few friends would get completely wankered on my home brew in a session. A lot of the people that were brewing at the same time”matured” as they called it into all grain and mash brewing, that’s where you start with the very basics and make your own mash to brew, that’s great but I do love KISS.

So I stayed with kits, I am not that much of a purist or a beer snob, I like a drink but not to the point were I am fussing over the smallest imperfection.

In the last 6 months I have brewed and mostly drunk 20ltr kits of
Real Ale ( Coopers) x2
Cider (On the rocks)
Ginger Beer (Lashings)
Wherry (Woodfordes)
Bure Gold (Woodfordes)
Mexican Cerveza (Coopers)
Canadian Blonde (Coopers)
Harvest Pilsner (Youngs)

I do have a friend that comes round and helps me drink all this.
I am currently brewing an IPA “Raja’s Reward” and have 2 kits still to be opened
Bure Gold (Woodfordes)
Golden Stag (Festival)

My equipment is what I call basic+, the basic is the same as the £70 quid kits on ebay, An FV (Fermenting vessel) which is basically a 30L plastic bucket with a lid and a tap at the bott and a 25L plastic pressure barrel which takes 8g CO2 chargers, that the basic.
The + is 2 cornelius 19L kegs and a Fermzilla pressure fermenter.

I also have lots of other kit I use but that’s for other posts. Anyhoo the point? well since this “Lockdown” people have been “panic buying” home brewing equipment and kits like crazy and of course the chancers have been increasing prices to rip them off like crazy, and I know from the Facebook groups I am that many of these people are “noobs” coming into the hobby for the very first time.

I have this blog which has forums attached to it one of them will be for home brewing so if anyone needs help or advice this is a place to come, if you are noob, come and say hi, if you are experienced and you can help noobs then com,e and say hi

The forum

Steve Woodmore

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