Hearing aids and itchy ears – my cure

Itchy ears from hearing aids is so infuriating.

It really winds me up having to take my hearing aids out, putting my finger in my ear and having a good scratch.

It happens every day usually about an hour after I start wearing my hearing aids and TBH this itching is the primary reason sometimes I don’t wear them at all.

That’s great when I am on my own around the house, no point in wearing them, there’s no-one here going to talk to me.

However when I go out it’s a different matter, especially since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic 18 months ago, suffice to say for me as a lip reader it’s been 18 months of hell. I need to be able to read peoples lips as they are my visual cue to what they are actually saying if their mouth is covered even with my hearing aids at full volume I really struggle to understand them, especially if they are very quietly spoken.

So taking my hearing aids out because my ears itch when I am out isn’t the best plan at all, but the itching is just so annoying and infuriating.

What causes the itching?

Well it’s usually one of several things

An allergy to silicone. The domes and tubes on my hearing aids are medical grade silicon and some people are allergic to that, luckily I am not so this isn’t my issue, if it was it’s easy to resolve, just change the silicon domes for hypoallergenic ones.

Bacteria in the domes. My domes are the open ear type and they can get a bacteria build up on them.

I have a drying box which I use every night, just before I go to bed I put my hearing aids in the drying box and leave them overnight, not only are they “dried” out with a gentle heat but this box also has UV lighting inside so it kills all bacteria so I know it’s not that.

Sensitive skin. Sometimes it’s just sensitive skin and the the domes can move about and they just be rubbing causing the itching and in my case that’s what it is, I also wear glasses so each time I push them back on my nose it causes my hearing aids to move slightly and irritates my ears.

So I started googling for a cure and my searches kept leading me hearing aid lubricants like this

However I remembered something, there’s a natural remedy for irritated skin, Witch Hazel. Not only does it sooth irritation it’s also a natural anti-bacterial.

So I got me some Witch Hazel gel and gave it a go. Well what do you know? it sorted the problem almost instantly so now I use a little dab in each ear before I put my hearing aids in and a little dab after I take them out.

My problem of itching ears has gone, I love Witch Hazel.

The key word here is “little” don’t use too much or it blocks your tubes, you really only need a little bit in each ear.

There you go, Witch Hazel, natures cure for itchy ears caused by hearing aids.

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