The last time I saw my haematologist was way back in Feb 2019, at that time I had just had a rituximab maintenance injection and also I had just been hospitalised and diagnosed with pneumonia, the decision was to postpone any further maintenance treatments until the pneumonia was sorted out.

Well that never happened did it? the pneumonia became double pneumonia and saw me hospitalised 3 more times with the last one being for 13 days.

The root cause of the pneumonia is hypogammaglobulinemia, this is a problem with the immune system in which not enough gamma globulins are produced in the blood (thus hypo- + gamma + globulin + -emia). This results in a lower antibody count, which impairs the immune system, increasing risk of infection.

hypogammaglobulinemia is either genetic or caused by a blood cancer, I have NHL which is a blood cancer, yay lucky me :(.

Tomorrow (Oct 25th 2019) I have an appointment with my haematologist where we are to discuss rituximab, right now, today Oct 24th, I don’t want to have it any more because I have seen research that suggests ritux may also be a cause of hypogammaglobulinemia.

I am writing this in advance of the appointment but a lot can happen in the next 12 hours so look out for further updates from me after I have had my appointment.

Steve Woodmore

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