Getting the run around.

I am getting the right run around today

I got a text today from the #NHS telling my that I need to get my 3rd primary #covid jab

So I phoned my GP and they said it’s not us you need to call the bromley GP alliance.

So I called the Bromley GP Alliance and they said, no it’s not us you need to call it’s 119 to book it.

So I called 119 and they said they can only book the booster jab, what I need is the 3rd primary jab and it has to be done through my GP.

Apparently there is a booster jab and a 3rd primary jab, I need the 3rd primary jab and NOT the booster jab.

No-one want to own this.. so I guess I am not going to get my 3rd jab then.

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