Gardening..small steps

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2017/18 I was having chemotherapy
2018/2019 I was having immunotherapy
2019 Caught flu which with all the complications meant I spent half the year in hospital and the other half recovering.

This has meant that for 3 years the front and back gardens have fallen into ruin 😥
However with the “shielding” I have to do because I am at risk it means that while I am grounded at home I can get out and do stuff in the garden.
My missus bless her did most of the work, but I strimmed a bit and sprayed weedkiller on stuff all over as well as putting together a couple of planters.

I really haven’t done much at all compared to Siân but what little I have done has really made me feel good about myself, being so ill for so long has left me feeling pretty worthless about myself especially as I used to love doing stuff like D.I.Y.
I had to go and have a nap mid-afternoon I was that shattered and I have been using my nebuliser like it’s going out of fashion but I really enjoyed myself and I have really felt like I am contributing.

Steve Woodmore

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