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    Steve Woodmore

    Ordered a 2nd corny today, this time with a CO2 regulator for “pub gas” bottles.
    Also ordered a heat belt and a carbonation cap.

    The heat belt because my room is around 18c and the carbonation cap so friends can take a few bottles of my brews home.

    It was difficult to find pub gas suppliers that will do home bars but I found Adams gas and they will do a 6.3kg cylinder for £88 delivered, this includes a £50 cylinder deposit.

    Refills are £33 each but that includes VAT and delivery. they take the old cylinder away and leave a new one, no rental charges.

    I can get refills for £20 if I want to take the cylinder to a welding suppliers a few miles away but TBH it’s a right ball ache and would take a couple fo hours so I am happy to pay to have it exchanged at home.

    My cider didn’t turn out as I expected, it tastes far too yeasty, but it’s clear, a lovely amber colour and 4.8% ABV so like my Sig, the first pint is yuk each subsequent pint after that tastes better.

    I used dextrose to carbonate it in the keg and that’s worked very well indeed.

    Once my belt arrives I am going to have a go with a Coopers real ale kit and see how we go with that because I am down to my last few bottles of Mexican Cerveza which turns out rather well and very drinkable, one I will definitely brew again.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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