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Steve Woodmore

I have just checked the specific gravity (SG) of this brew, BTW I use a refractometer which means less wastage than farting around filling a trial jar for a hydrometer reading, anyway starting gravity 1038, today’s reading 1026 that’s an ABV of 1.58%.

I don’t actually need to check the SG each day I just like to, the reality is it should take about 5-7 days for the yeast to turn all the sugar into alcohol so you only really need to check the SG right at the start before pitching the yeast and then start checking after 5 days.

The instructions on the kit will tell you the brew is done after 7 days, but that’s bollocks, the brew is done when the SG remains the same for at least 2 days running, I personally leave it for 3 days running then add another 4-5 days before racking so that’s around 14 days in total.